What is around in June

Midsummer is here, lets hope the weather remembers that and behaviours accordingly So with plenty of daylight to enjoy make the most of it by spending as much time outside watching and enjoying the wildlife. The countryside is lush and the hedgerows, meadows and woodlands are bursting with growth.  Trees are now all fully in leaf.  Most have started to lose their spring freshness by the end of May, with the bright green exchanged for a darker and mellower hue. . There is so much to see either on your doorstep or head to the coast for one of our greatest wildlife spectacles: the seabird colonies. Blakeney Point is excellent for Terns and also the Seals. Most of the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline will have many Waders busy at the tide line. There is a wealth of wildflowers especially in the meadows and our local woods. In the daylight hours insects including bees butterflies beetles etc will be busy also will Birds, snakes, squirrels and amphibians.  The bats will be flying about at dusk so will the moths and the foxes and badgers will be out hunting with the owls and hedgehogs. I wonder how many of these you will be lucky enough to see!

So what to look or listen for this Month

  • Birds nesting, especially sea cliffs or on the marsh areas close to the sea or maybe nearer to home in your hedge .
  • Song birds still singing – ‘the dawn chorus’
  • Butterflies and dragonflies. This is when the first wave of the true summer butterflies will fly. Common blue and Speckled wood.
  • Worth looking out for moths, some examples are the secretive Dingy Skipper the Cinnabar and the Lime Hawk moth. Don’t they have great names?
  • Bats on the wing
  • Meadow flowers, including orchids especially in the local woods. Lower wood Ashwellthorpe has at least 4 different species and this year is one of the best years for a while and there are orchids all over the place.
  • Swifts, swallows and house martins chasing insects.
  • Fox cubs frolicking ….if you are very luck. Get over to the fields or wood early and keep quiet.
  • Froglets and Toadlets ….keep your eye’s open for them especially if we have  a rain shower later in the month.
  • Elderflowers are in full bloom…..Maybe pick some and make cordial or Champagne with some!
  • Look out for the light pink of the wild dog roses and the honeysuckle peppering the hedgerows along with the flowers of the bramble (blackberry), the meadow crane’s-bills and the first flowering of the foxgloves should also appear.
  • Remember to look at the Photo Album. Wildlife to help you with identification of  some of the species mentioned.

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