What a superb evening’s entertainment we all had at the Village Hall on Saturday 29th May when Tony Cann provided music and sang away in a great “crooner’s” voice and got everybody up on their feet dancing the night away. He judged his audience well with his music mostly being songs of the 1960s and 1970s with most of us (even the younger ones) knowing all the tunes if not the words. But that didn’t matter, we weren’t there to sing (although some people were persuaded to and performed admirably when Tony came round the floor with the mike) – we were there to enjoy ourselves. And enjoy it we all did. I think everyone was up on their feet dancing at some point or other to solid rock and roll, to twist, to jive or to smooch to the slower songs for nearly FOUR hours. One gentleman with great athleticism and musical verve even did a couple of cartwheels in true rock and roll fashion.

The Hall was decorated with a theme of green and yellow Norwich City balloons and seating at the sides with the ballroom in the middle, the new floor being a pleasure to dance on. There was a laser beam projecting stars of several colours flitting across the roof – all of the above added to the enjoyment of the evening.

Mike and Christine Wooster organised the whole evening and thanks to them for arranging everything so enthusiastically. They had the anxiety, in the early weeks of ticket sales, of wondering whether the evening would come off OK. But their worries were overcome as the evening was so successful, both financially and musically. People were soon asking “when will there be another evening like this?” Watch out for the next one and don’t be left out.

44 tickets were sold and a raffle held, for which thanks to everyone who contributed a prize, and a clear profit of just over £113 will go towards ongoing Village Hall refurbishment.

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