Report of Parish Walk No 30 6th June 2010

This walk started at Fundenhall Church and was very different to the last walk as that was the largest number of participants that we had, whereas this walk was just 4 of us. Luckily we had checked out the route during the week and found a few sections impassable due to nettles but had brought a hand scythe with us and cleared them and hope that this might encourage people to use the paths. We had a good walk and enjoyed it and as it was a lovely route which not many people saw we plan to adapt it for an Ashwellthorpe start and use it again.
The route went via the Fundenhall village sign and over the fields (where we saw a deer) to the road near Tacolneston Church, and then over the fields to come out near Tacolneston School. There is a footpath behind the houses there, but it has been blocked by fences, garden rubbish and even buildings for some time. Sadly they do not seem to value their footpaths as much as we do in our Parish.
Anyway we walked along the road and rejoined the path to go over some fields with lovely views. Passing through a narrow part bordered by trees we crossed a footbridge and up the field to pass through a small wood and out onto the road opposite Tacolneston church. All it took then was a short walk along the road back in the direction of Tacolneston and onto the footpath at the corner to walk via the wood back towards Ashwellthorpe. We finished at Fundenhall church where we met two walkers who had just missed the start of the walk. Anyway they had still enjoyed a walk of their own.
For pictures of the walk Click Here See Walk into the next Parish
Next scheduled walk 18th July.
We also plan to include an extra walk as a Friday evening short walk as soon as we hear that the new path off New Rd is open. Watch the website for information

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