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The Old Hall in it’s glory days

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  1. Kirsteen Williams says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me if Ashwellthorpe Manor was ever some kind of hotel back in the 80s?

    I remember the name from going on holiday with my gran about 30ish years ago and I have a photo of this house. Any info would be great.


    • jrobbie says:

      Yes – Ashwellthorpe Hall was the holiday hotel, firstly of the Invalid Tricycle Association who purchased it in the 1950s. This Association became the Disabled Drivers’ Association who ran the hotel which was also popular with the Ashwellthorpe villagers who used its bar facilities and function rooms. The Hotel was run by the Ashwellthorpe Hall Association during the 1980s/1990s and into 2000. Fund-raisers for the hotel in the 1960s to 1980s were Rupert Davies of the BBC TV French detective series Maigret and the Formula One Wold Champion Graham Hill. The Disabled Drivers’ Association and the Disabled Drivers’ Motor Club merged in the mid 2000s to become Mobilise and is now known as DM UK (Disabled Motroing UK) which has its HQ in the grounds of Ashwellthorpe Hall which was sold in the mid 2000s to a private buyer.

  2. Kirsteen Williams says:

    Many thanks for response. My gran had MS but she never let this hold her back, including driving. Her car gave her so much independence, so much so that she drove us from Scotland to Ashwellthorpe. We had a fantastic time on holiday there, such a beautiful place and lovely people.

  3. Claire says:

    Hello – jrobbie, above, has the best answer. Just wanted to add that I lived and worked there for about a year in the late 1990s when the Disabled Drivers Association ran/owned the property. We catered to persons with disabilities and their caregivers to allow them to have a holiday and have all the needs taken care of too. The rooms were fully equipped to assist those with disabilities. The hotel, bar and restaurant were also open to the public throughout the week. It was lovely when the place was full of people. It’s an amazing property and I enjoyed living there. I lived in the old maid’s quarters. Quite creepy at night and the basement was pretty creepy, too, when I had to go lock up the money at the end of the night. Couldn’t get out of there quick enough!

    • jrobbie says:

      Hello Claire it was good to hear your reminiscences of working and living at the Hall in the late 1990s. Our paths might even have crossed! Went to quite a few villagers’ functions there over the years – someone’s 60th Birthday celebration, someone else’s wedding anniversary and helped with stalls on their fete days. Great fun. It’s a pity that the function room which Graham Hill opened is no more – it was demolihed when turning the Hall from a hotel back to a private residence JenniferRobbie

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