Parish Walks
The next walks are as follows:
Sunday 17th October meeting at Fundenhall Church at 10am.

Sunday 21st November meeting at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 10am
As usual posters will be displayed in Village Noticeboards beforehand .


The next parish walk will be on Sunday 23 February 2014, leaving from the Bird In Hand Car Park, Wreningham, at 10.00 a.m. (If arriving by car, please park in the more distant part of the car park). The route will have to be decided on the day due to the existing and recent very wet weather, and possibly colder weather on the date, but it will be 4 to 5 miles in length. Please wear suitable footwear as it could be wet and muddy in places.

Another walk will be held on Sunday 6 April 2014 starting from the car park of Forncett Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. using part of the Tas Valley Way. More details later.

OCTOBER PARISH WALK on SUNDAY 6 OCTOBER 2013 – Meet at Mulbarton Common Car Park at 10.00 a.m.

The October parish walk will be about 5 miles long using parts of the Ketts and Tas Valley Ways, quiet roads and fields and through some wooded areas from Mulbarton Common towards Swainsthorpe and return. Meet at 10.00 a.m. at the car park in front of Mulbarton Village Hall and please wear appropriate clothing – it has now rained so some parts might be damp. Everyone is welcome.


Directions from Ashwellthorpe to the Lizard car park. Travel from Ashwellthorpe towards Wymondham and after going under the railway bridge take the first right (which is only a short distance) with the Railway pub on your right. Go about 100 metres and there is a small car park on the left, immediately before another railway bridge. See you at 10.00 a.m.


The first Parish Walk of 2013 will take place on Sunday 6 January 2013, starting from Ashwellthorpe Village Hall, The Street, at 10.00 a.m. Distance will be approximately 4 miles but the route will be decided on the day, depending on the weather conditions.

As usual, it will be a sociable walk using public footpaths and quiet roads and Rick and Nancy will be providing small and suitable refreshment to celebrate the New Year! Keep that Resolution up and do some exercise and enjoy it!!!!!!

Local Parish Walks Jan 2013

Local Parish Walks nov 2012


Please disregard the Walks notice above on this Leisure > Walks > Routes Page as it refers to the Autumn 2010 programme and has not yet been removed to the Archive.

The dates for the Parish Walks in September, October and November 2012 are given below, along with some early information as to the planned routes. Information is also given on the Events Calendar and any extra details nearer each walk will be given on the News Page and Events Calendar.

SUNDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2012 – This is a celebratory walk marking the 50th Walk in this series which started in January 2007. There will be two meeting places and times – one for the longer route and one for a shorter one.

10.00 at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall will be the meeting place and time for the longer 4 to 5 mile walk


10.30 at the Car Park, Long’s Wood, Wymondham Road, Wreningham for a shorter walk.

There will be celebratory refreshments on hand after the walkers have met up in Long’s Wood.

SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 2012 – Owing to popular requests, this month’s walk will take place around the public footpath routes of Mulbarton. Meet by Mulbarton Pond just off the B1113 at 10.00 a.m., but good car parking is available at the Recycling Point between the Church and the Pharmacy at the top of the Common. The route will be 4 to 5 miles and will use part of Ketts Way.

SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2012 – Meet at the Bird in Hand Car Park at 10.00 a.m. The route will be 4 to 5 miles towards Bracon Ash and back.


First of all, please disregard the notice given at the top of this page Leisure > Routes > Walks as it refers to the walks planned for Autumn 2010 and has not yet been removed to the Archive.

The next Parish walk will take place on Sunday 29 July 2012, leaving Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 10.00 and will be about 4 miles on local footpaths and quiet roads. The route will not be decided until the last minute as the last walk had to be completely changed because the public footpaths were impassable due to the state of the crops.


This month’s walk will take place on Sunday 24 June leaving Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. The route will be approx. 6 miles, across fields and some water meadows so appropriate footwear should be worn, even though (or because) it is Mid-Summer Day in England! The destination is Hethel Church,  Hethel nature reserve and the Hethel Thorn. Nancy is providing light refreshments which will be delicious and most welcome during a rest before the return home.


The next Village Walk will be on Sunday 4 March 2012 leaving St Nicholas Church, Fundenhall at 10.00 a.m. It will be 3 to 4 miles in length across public footpaths, permissive routes and lanes.

Parish Walk 2

A Start at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall. Walk along the street towards the church (east) for a short distance.
B Turn left onto footpath keeping ditch and field edge to the right. Head towards the wood. At wood turn right and keeping wood on left soon cross footbridge. Keep on and leaving wood behind pass a pond on left. Views back to Ashwellthorpe. Along the edge of the wood keep an eye open for deer tracks.
At footbridge C cross and keep field edge to right. At end of field turn right into track and immediately left to cross field to another footbridge D.
Cross with care and keeping field edge to right bear right onto track which passes a large house on the left. Keep on track to road.
E At road turn left. This is Wymondham Road and is very narrow so care. When you see the small car park on the right F turn right and pass the gate (which is kept locked). Keep straight and at end of field (approx 50yds) turn left and soon see steps down to the right G. Go down, across old railway track and up steps opposite. Turn right and very soon the take first track to left. Follow this through this lovely new wood. This private wood (Long’s Wood) was planted a few years ago but has permissive paths. Upon reaching a confusing crossroads of tracks H take the track at 45o.

At end of wood I take turn right to keep ditch on right. Soon turn right (you will see the large farm – Long’s Farm to your left). J.
Follow field edge on right. This field can be very wet. At far right hand corner take the narrow track around a garden and out via the drive. Please respect the owner’s property. Turn almost immediately right K onto track to pass 2 houses and take footpath sign left to go along a track overhung with trees.
On reaching field turn right and very soon fork left. Views of Wreningham Church ahead. At hedge bear right to keep field edge on left and join Wymondham Road Wreningham between 2 houses. L
Turn left and continue into village to crossroads at Spratt’s Coaches M. Turn left up the hill and take a track N just after the old Vicarage on right. At end of track you enter a field and can see the church over to the left. Turn right and follow field edge on right. At end of field notice the layered hedge on the right and turn left. At track O turn right to keep greenhouses on right.
At road P turn left and follow this. Cross the B1113 just after passing Master and Skevens. Take care as cars come down the hill and round the bend fast. Continue along the road (Toprow). After leaving the houses the road bends right and then turns right (with a good path starting on your left Q just beyond the spent mushroom compost heap) Continue on the road up the hill past the turning to the left.
Just before a bungalow R take a track to the left. This bears right just after the driveway and then left onto a path with the field edge on the left. Follow the green track (wide views) straight on and then right at a telegraph pole until it joins a main track running across your path S. Turn left. The next short section is the only part that will be walked twice in the walk. Walk to end of the track where it drops sharply to the road Z.
Walk straight ahead and up the slope and shortly you will see a field on the right with a convenient table and seat T. A good place for a short rest.
Continue along the road and go through the churchyard. There are some lovely old tombstones. As you leave the other end of the churchyard turn right along a track which emerges between houses onto the main road through Hapton. U. Turn left along the path and just after the garage on left look for a footpath sign over the road on the right. The path passes between houses and is easy to miss V.
Follow this track until you pass a stile. Cross the field and through a gateway. This is an excellent example of a river meadow and you could be anywhere as you can see no sign of habitation. Follow field edge to the right until you see a stile and footbridge on your right. Cross and turn left to keep the field edge on your left.

You will rejoin a track after a while and turn right. Follow this passing the disused railway on your left until you reach a road’s
Turn right and up the hill past the farm. At the top Y bear right onto Bayes Road with extensive views. You may hear the main railway line to London over to your right. Continue and after passing the disused railway again go down the hill, over the ford which does cross the road on occasions. Cross over the crossroads and go up the hill. At the right hand bend rejoin the track that you used earlier Z on the left.
Continue straight ahead all the way to the road (B1113). On the way you will cross the disused railway yet again.
At the road you can with care (as the road is fairly busy) detour to the King’s Head Pub (approx 100 yards to the right) or cross over to walk along church road and past Fundenhall Church. At the bend to the left go straight over into Hudman’s Lane. At the end where paths converge turn right and follow the bridlepath keeping the field edge to your left. You will soon see Ashwellthorpe again and as you join the road turn left to walk back up the village to the start/finish.

Hopefully you enjoyed a walk with very varied views. It is not the shortest route between all points but does incorporate some interesting sections.

If you do not want to complete the whole route turn right at crossroads M and after passing the broken railway bridge you will see a stile on the right. Go over and along the field path keeping the field edge to your left. Keep straight and join the road ahead. Cross the road and turn right to keep the field edge to your right (with the road behind it). When you reach the gateway turn right to cross the road ad go back up the village.