Event Reports

PROCEEDS OF ASHWELLTHORPE ART EXHIBITION held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall in November 2013

The amount raised for Village Hall funds at the Art Exhibition with Craft Stalls and refreshments on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November 2013 was £362. The picture hanging fee raised £147 from the artists; programmes £66. 10; Commission to the Village Hall from sales £85.10; Refreshments £101.20 and the Raffle £63.00. Thanks to everyone who exhibited and to those who came along to view the many excellent works of art.


SATURDAY 18 JANUARY 2014 – a date for your new 2014 diaries! Raymond and Sue are the Quizzers in Chief  for this phenominally popular quiz evening. There will be a prompt start at 7.30 p.m. More details as soon as possible.

QUIZ ‘n’ CHIPS NIGHT at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall – Write-up

7.30 p.m. on Saturday 25 August 2013 saw a full house of quizzers at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall with 14 competitive teams, mostly made up of 6 people in each team, trying to answer the 100 questions put together, once again, by Ray and Sue Jenkins. Everyone vying for the correct answers led to lots of whispered conversations amongst individual team members about who was right or wrong and then going with the consensus! And some louder discussions about Yorkshire the county or not…..

Anyway, it seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves, the fish and chips were tasty this year and, although final financial figures might not yet be complete, it seems that a profit of £340 (including £120 on the raffle) was made on the night. Without Ray and Sue Jenkins’ varied questions and musical teasers, the quiz would not go with such a swing – an extra collection by them  also raised £90 for their 2013 Charity – the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

Notes were not made of all the Team names but the two teams The No Hopers and No Hopers with 103 and 112 points respectively received the two? wooden spoons; joint Second place were Dawson’s Creek and The Saga Louts with 137 points and the winners – The Pride of Lions (Wymondham Lions?) – scored 161 Points.

Watch out for the next Quiz ‘n’ Chips night at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall – Saturday 19 October 2013.


There were sixteen gardens open to the public over these two days from one end of the village to the other, and in the middle as well! The weather could have been better but could have been a lot worse. Predominantly dry and windy with a little drizzle on the Saturday, with slightly less wind and only one brief shower on the Sunday but not much sunshine. Visitors to the gardens were very appreciative and spoke highly of the variety and amount of imagination which had gone into the design and planting and the hard work in getting all of them to look so good in their different ways, with the Spring and early Summer being so disappointing.

Ticket sales amounted to 290 adults attending and there were many children under 12 years old who were free of charge. Together with refreshments sold at the Village Hall, the amount raised for Village Hall funds was £1156 – Charity Number 303891. There is enthusiasm at present for a future Open Gardens Event in 2015.

CEILIDH with Barleymow

1 June 2011 – The Ceilidh held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 14 May 2o11 was a great success, both entertainingly and financially, with the bedecked Village Hall packed with aspiring or accomplished folk dances of all ages. Barleymow, who have a great local reputation, are a superb folk/ceilidh band with great versatility on several different instruments and thanks to Antonella’s instructions and personality, all the dancers were able to take part in some quite complicated manoeuvres! Everyone danced at some time or pace during the evening and the fact that they all enjoyed themselves is still being mentioned to the organisers. Together with a raffle, the clear proceeds amounted to £75 for Village Hall Funds – Jennifer Robbie

QUIZ and CHIPS NIGHT – 15 January 2011

This quiz night was another sell-out with some 80 people forming 15 very competitive teams to answer the quiz questions devised, posed and marked/verified by Ray and Sue, who must be thanked for once again orgaising the event. There were 100 questions in all, divided into 4 rounds of 25 – each team marking another team’s answers – and there was a Table Round o 20 “Word Connections” which could be worked on by the teams during the evening.

The names of the teams were:Absolute Beginners; Allsorts; Ditsy Dawsons; Dylan’s Mates; Famous Five; Hopeful Quizzers; Go Green; Guitar Heroes; No-Hopers; Robert Maxwell Swimming Club; Saga Louts; Trikes; Wishful Thinkers; 4 W’s; 8 – 2 = 6.

At 9.00 p.m. or thereabouts, the delivery boys brought all the fish/sausage/vegge burgers and chps which had been pre-ordered and the Quizzers enjoyed a welcome brain-food intake/brain energy break and might even have won one of the raffle prizes which had kindly been donated. Then it was heads down again for the final rounds.

The Quiz finished at about 10.30 p.m. with the results being announced in reverse order. The total points scored by each team ranged from 125 to 193. Third Place went to last year’s winners – The Saga Louts (who weren’t the slightest bit loutish) with 173 points; Second – The Ditsy Dawsons (who weren’t the slightest bit ditsy) with 177 points. The Winners, with a high score of 193 points which outshone everyone, were

The Trikes (who were extremely magnificent), a team put together by Jim Rawlings from the Mobilise Headquarters’ office in the village. Congratulations to them.

The amount raised for Village Hall funds from ticket sales will be added here shortly but the Raffle on the night raised £117. Ray had a collection among the Quizzers for the Quidenham Hospice which raised £100.

A Quiz Night which was enjoyed by everyone there although it was hard work for the Quiz Masters and hard, in a different way, for all the competitors! There was a waiting list to take part in the Quiz again this time, so it may be possible to arrange another one in the Autumn, rather than waiting a whole yer for the next one. WATCH THIS SPACE.

LET’s GO RACING EVENING held on 4 December 2010

This was a horse racing evening based on actual races, held at various courses around the country, being projected on to a large screen. Bets were taken by four “honest citizen” bookies and Odds worked out by the computer! Winnings were paid out to those who were lucky enough to have bet on a horse which eventually won a race. The price of the ticket had included individual ownership rights to one particular horse and some of the horses’ names were extremely naff – some of us also bet on naff nags but others had wonder winners.

There were 8 races altogether, each of which were sponsoed by a local company

Race 1 -Anglia Elite of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 2 – Caroline’s Cars of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 3 – DC Developments of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 4 – Trevor Cullum of Spooner Row Race
Race 5 – King’s Head Pub of Ashwellthorpe Race
Race 6 – J & S Homeworks of Attleborough Race
Race 7 – R D & J Burridge of Fundenhall Race
Race 8 – Travis Perkins of Wreningham and Gale Construction of Wymondham Race

Unfortunately, only 25 people came along but the evening was a great success – not only financially with a clear £216 being raised for Village Hall funds. But also as a thoroughly enjoyable and funny evening with small amounts of nervous tension or excited shouts of support being exhibited when particular horses were doing/not doing well!


Ashwellthorpe Village Hall was abuzz with activity early on the morning of Wednesday 22 September with stalls being set out for the Coffee and Cakes morning, a joint fund-raising event for the Village Hall and Bramble Bears Playgroup. And from about 10.00 a.m. onwards people started arriving to look at, and spend money on, the bric a brac, cakes and produce, plants, jewellery and cards and craft stalls, along with a well-stocked tombola and a raffle being run with plenty of prizes to win. Coffee, tea and squash were served from the kitchen which could be enjoyed along with a piece of home-made cake whilst relaxing in the smaller Village Hall room.

The event seemed to be enjoyed by the villagers of all ages who came along and especially by the young children who had their own table with toys, colouring pencils and paper to play with and who could also try to persuade their Mums and Dads that a toy or a book they had seen on one of the stalls needed a new home – their home!

Thanks must go to friends and neighbours who baked cakes and savouries and made the jams, pickles and chutneys on offer and who donated bric a brac and plants or prizes for the tombola and raffle – not to forget all the stall helpers and those who kept the kettles boiling, teapots full and cups and saucers washed and dried!

And to cap it all, thank you to all who came along and spent freely to raise the splendid amount of £253 which will be divided equally between Bramble Bears and the Village Hall.



What a superb evening’s entertainment we all had at the Village Hall on Saturday 29th May when Tony Cann provided music and sang away in a great “crooner’s” voice and got everybody up on their feet dancing the night away. He judged his audience well with his music mostly being songs of the 1960s and 1970s with most of us (even the younger ones) knowing all the tunes if not the words. But that didn’t matter, we weren’t there to sing (although some people were persuaded to and performed admirably when Tony came round the floor with the mike) – we were there to enjoy ourselves. And enjoy it we all did. I think everyone was up on their feet dancing at some point or other to solid rock and roll, to twist, to jive or to smooch to the slower songs for nearly FOUR hours. One gentleman with great athleticism and musical verve even did a couple of cartwheels in true rock and roll fashion.

The Hall was decorated with a theme of green and yellow Norwich City balloons and seating at the sides with the ballroom in the middle, the new floor being a pleasure to dance on. There was a laser beam projecting stars of several colours flitting across the roof – all of the above added to the enjoyment of the evening.

Mike and Christine Wooster organised the whole evening and thanks to them for arranging everything so enthusiastically. They had the anxiety, in the early weeks of ticket sales, of wondering whether the evening would come off OK. But their worries were overcome as the evening was so successful, both financially and musically. People were soon asking “when will there be another evening like this?” Watch out for the next one and don’t be left out.

44 tickets were sold and a raffle held, for which thanks to everyone who contributed a prize, and a clear profit of just over £113 will go towards ongoing Village Hall refurbishment.