Parish Walk No 31 18th July 2010

13 of us started at the King’s Head but it was not an unlucky number as 2 people were a bit late and missed the start but managed to catch us in Hapton. From the pub we walked a short distance along the road to take the bridleway to Hapton. It was a relaxing walk in the sun with long clear views across the fields.
At Hapton we went via the Meeting Place field off Holly Lane and down between the houses and then along the side of the B1154, as sadly there was no alternative. We kept well in to the side and soon reached the gate into Manor Common. The path was well cut which was lucky as there was a lot of vegetation including nettles. Over the big wooden bridges and up the steps lead us onto the field beyond. The common is well worth a look as it is a lovely old fashioned scene.
From the field we looked back over the trees on the common to see the Turnpike and also Fundenhall Church peeping out from behind some more trees. After this we walked up and over the field to reach the old railway bridge where we stopped to pick grass seeds out of our boots.
Down the road a few yards we turned right to walk down the field and over a stile onto the Tas Vally way. This lead us over some very pleasant fields to return to Hapton, although sadly the last part of the path to the road was a mass of nettles. Those of us in shorts remembered those nettles for quite a while.
After that it was simply a short walk along the road to walk between the houses and along the side of the School field. At the end of that was a gate into the churchyard which we walked through back onto Holly Lane and then rejoining the bridleway we retraced our steps. We finished at the King’s Head where several of us had a refreshing drink

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