Report of Parish Walk 32 30th July 2010

Report of Parish Walk 32
To infinity and beyond (well not quite but it sounds good)
Well it was touch and go as we did not have the official map of the route but Natural England came up trumps at the last minute and the ink was hardly dry on the page as we set off for the Village hall.
In the end over 20 people set of into the unknown for a journey to boldly go where no man has been before. When we reached Mackie’s Loke there was hesitation in case we fell off the end of the world but if Captain Cook could go where no human hand has set foot we could wander down a lovely loke.
The start is a bit rough but this is only because it is being improved with rubble and will be easy to walk later. The later parts of the loke are almost a green tunnel of trees through which a Green Woodpecker flew for us.
Later the Barn Owl flew up and down the field to entertain us, which was a great bonus and we hope that you believe that we had laid it on at great expense.
All in all a good country walk, but just on our doorstep, so we hope that people return as we did not lose anyone to the restless natives.
In the end there was a concerted move to get to the White Horse as children were complaining that parents were too interested in walking and they wanted to sit in the pub garden and see how much fizzy drink they could manage.
N.B. several people asked the status of the ‘footpath’ and we explained that it is a permissive path as part of a Higher Stewardship Scheme. It sounds deadly boring but your taxes are going into this scheme all over the country to improve the environment so we intend to put some information on the website to inform those that want it.
Click here to see Natural England – Higher Level Stewardship scheme
Click here to see a link to the walks Defra, UK – Rural Affairs This is the link to the map of the walk
Next walk 5th Sept (see Events page and also posters in noticeboards nearer the time)
For photos see Photo Album

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