Parish Walk 33 5th September 2010

Report of Parish Walk
Twelve go wild in autumn.
OK, so that is stretching the truth a bit but there were 12 of us and it was nearly autumn and the wild refers to the Nature Reserve
As usual we had the group photo at the start (this time Ashwellthorpe Village Hall) to go onto the website. Maybe one day in the future an archaeologist will find all those and wonder what on earth we were up to.
We walked through the wood and over the fields to Silfield St, although it took longer than expected due to a veteran farm machinery day being run on the fields. With old tractors, traction engines, balers, threshing machines (troshers) etc there was too much of interest for a walk to compete with. Anyway after photos of the event we moved off to Silfield St and then into Burnthouse Rd. I wonder why the name. As usual we did not worry about a direct route (but do not tell the walkers that we went further than really needed) and diverted onto a footpath over the fields and had another impromptu halt for blackberries. These little routes are often overlooked and unless they are used they may disappear. With the sound of the traction engine hooters (which resembled the poop poop of Mr Toad with his new car in The Willows in Winter the follow up to Wind in the Willows) we finally arrived at Silfield Nature Reserve. Here we were relieved to find that fears of terrible traffic noise from the A11 was not realised. There was a drone but it was not my stories of past walks but the traffic through the trees but after a while we did not notice.
The pond was looking good with rushes, lilies, ragged robin etc, and we sat by it to enjoy refreshments and yet more talk. At this point the next noise was a peep peep which was the shrill noise of a kingfisher flashing across the water. The blues and golds of it’s feathers were just fantastic so it decided to give us a second chance and came back again. It rather put the dragon flies and various plants into the shade.
Anyway it was then time to complete the circuit back to Silfield St over more fields with a very short section next to the A11 which was the only thing capable of stopping the conversation.
Arriving back at the farm day that age old affinity of men for machines came to the fore with “oh look a Fordson” or “yes but look at that Ferggie”. People were having great fun harvesting, harrowing and ploughing to their hearts content, and it was good to see the machines being used after all the hours of restoration. If we had been later our path would have disappeared but as it was we walked between the activity a bit like Moses walking through the parted Red Sea.
Only 10 of us made it back to Ashwellthorpe but do not worry, no harm had came to the other two from restless natives, as the lure of old tractors had been too much. It was commented that to lose one husband may be regarded as misfortune but to lose both is carelessness (as Noel Coward would have said), but it was agreed that when hunger struck they would return.
All in all a good walk of 6.4 miles
For pictures see Photo Album page

Next walk 17th Oct 10am meeting at Fundenhall Church

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