Parish Walk 34: 17th Oct 2010

What has a walk in the sunshine to do with computers?
What has a relaxing morning wandering around local footpaths got to do with getting really angry?
The answer is this report. It was written and at the point of downloading onto the Parish website the PC crashed and the document whizzed off to that black hole which is probably full of all those computer files that we have lost.
So here goes again.
Well I would have said that the sun shone on the righteous but the full quote is the sun shone and it rained on the righteous and the unrighteous (or something very close). Well the sun certainly shone beautifully all morning but luckily it did not rain. As for the righteous or unrighteous you will have to take it from us that of course we were all righteous.
2 deer seen running away over the fields
5 footbridges crossed
6 of us did the walk
10 am was when we started the walk
12 noon (or getting on for that) was when we finished
17 the date
18 what the temperature was according to the radio
Lots of words said when I lost the earlier report

It was one of those warm sunny autumn days when there is hardly a breath of wind. There were only six of us but we enjoyed a lovely walk and took probably longer than needed due to the amount of conversation going on.
We started at Fundenhall Church and headed over the fields towards Tacolneston. There was much hilarity as we had to step over an electric fence across the path, when it required to be held down with the rubber sole of a boot, and we all hoped that no one would let it shoot up at the wrong moment.
After a circuit over the fields and through woods we recrossed the B1113 and returned via Tacolneston Wood where we wished that we had learned about fungi, as there were many there. The trouble was that none of us knew which ones we could eat safely. It is a great year for fungi and it is not too late to pop over to Ashwellthorpe Wood (or any other public wood) and have a look. There are so many different types.
Anyway, we made it back to the Church and 3 of us walked home to Ashwellthorpe.

Next walk 21st November. Meet at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall. We will decide the route when we know what the weather is like

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