Parish Walk 35 21st Nov 2010

35 not out. No it is not the cricket score in the Ashes tour. This was the 35th walk in the current series of Parish Walks. When we started them we expected that they might last for a few months and then just fade away, but all the time we have said that if people still come then we will arrange them. Well people are still coming which is great, and this time 22 of us (not forgetting the dog) set out. That was in spite of the dismal weather that we have had lately and somehow we managed to finish and just get home before the heavens opened and the rain came down. Good planning or good luck? Well….
We all became rather strung out with a long gap between those at the front and those bringing up the rear, but who cares as we think that everyone enjoyed themselves. It is a sociable event as we have always said and we are not worried about the speed. As we have one of us at the front and one at the rear we will not lose anyone.
The route was about 4 miles and started from the Village Hall via the wood and over the fields in the direction Wymondham and then back along the road towards Wreningham. There was a diversion into Long’s Wood and then back home. With all the rain recently we were surprised that only one person slipped in the mud, but one very happy dog looked as if he needed a good wash by the end.. Walking was hard over some fields as they had been ploughed and seeded but the paths have not been replaced, but 22 people (and of course the dog) made quite a track.
Talking of tracks the deer still seem to be on the fields in good numbers. Some of them must be rather large unless we have some new species with huge feet and small body. No. There are obviously points were they always cross the ditches at the same point and create slides down the steep sides. Sadly the deer themselves were keeping well out of the way.

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