Parish Walk 36 9th Jan 2011

Report of Parish Walk 36 9.1.11
This walk is 4 years on from our first walk and originally, in the Parish Action Plan a number of people said that they wanted various things including walks, and these became one of the things that the plan produced. (Details of the plan are elsewhere on this website –see the tabs on the left). We had no idea how long they would go on for and thought that we would simply continue them for as long as people still came on them. Four years on, some of the current regular walkers are ones who had come on the first walk, whilst over the time some people have moved away or simply stopped coming and others have replaced them. In fact we do not know how many people have joined any of the walks, but thanks to all of you. We hope that you enjoyed them and that more villagers have met each other.
. . . . . .
What did you get for Christmas?
Did you go to the sales?
What about Norwich losing in the cup match yesterday
These and plenty more topics were exchanged as the group of walkers talked their way across to Long’s Wood. We went via Lower Wood walking through the thick layer of leaves carpeting the floor. Coming out onto the field we were crunching along through a white coating of frost. In a way it was even better that it was frosty as it was a sunny day with a bright blue sky above us.
We took the back way into Long’s Wood behind a large farm house on Wymondham Rd Wreningham, and took the path around the edge of the newer part of the wood. Several of us had not taken this route before and so close to home some people did not know where we were.
At about the half way point we had a rest to enjoy some cake and hot mulled wine.
After that it was a leisurely route through the older part of the wood, via Wreningham and Poplar’s Farm farmyard and over the fields to Ashwellthorpe Church.
Distance 4.97 miles
Number of walker 17
Next walk 13th Feb at 10am meeting in the car park of the Bird in Hand PH Wreningham

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