LET’s GO RACING EVENING held on 4 December 2010

This was a horse racing evening based on actual races, held at various courses around the country, being projected on to a large screen. Bets were taken by four “honest citizen” bookies and Odds worked out by the computer! Winnings were paid out to those who were lucky enough to have bet on a horse which eventually won a race. The price of the ticket had included individual ownership rights to one particular horse and some of the horses’ names were extremely naff – some of us also bet on naff nags but others had wonder winners.

There were 8 races altogether, each of which were sponsoed by a local company

Race 1 -Anglia Elite of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 2 – Caroline’s Cars of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 3 – DC Developments of Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Race
Race 4 – Trevor Cullum of Spooner Row Race
Race 5 – King’s Head Pub of Ashwellthorpe Race
Race 6 – J & S Homeworks of Attleborough Race
Race 7 – R D & J Burridge of Fundenhall Race
Race 8 – Travis Perkins of Wreningham and Gale Construction of Wymondham Race

Unfortunately, only 25 people came along but the evening was a great success – not only financially with a clear £216 being raised for Village Hall funds. But also as a thoroughly enjoyable and funny evening with small amounts of nervous tension or excited shouts of support being exhibited when particular horses were doing/not doing well!

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