QUIZ and CHIPS NIGHT – 15 January 2011

This quiz night was another sell-out with some 80 people forming 15 very competitive teams to answer the quiz questions devised, posed and marked/verified by Ray and Sue, who must be thanked for once again orgaising the event. There were 100 questions in all, divided into 4 rounds of 25 – each team marking another team’s answers – and there was a Table Round o 20 “Word Connections” which could be worked on by the teams during the evening.

The names of the teams were:Absolute Beginners; Allsorts; Ditsy Dawsons; Dylan’s Mates; Famous Five; Hopeful Quizzers; Go Green; Guitar Heroes; No-Hopers; Robert Maxwell Swimming Club; Saga Louts; Trikes; Wishful Thinkers; 4 W’s; 8 – 2 = 6.

At 9.00 p.m. or thereabouts, the delivery boys brought all the fish/sausage/vegge burgers and chps which had been pre-ordered and the Quizzers enjoyed a welcome brain-food intake/brain energy break and might even have won one of the raffle prizes which had kindly been donated. Then it was heads down again for the final rounds.

The Quiz finished at about 10.30 p.m. with the results being announced in reverse order. The total points scored by each team ranged from 125 to 193. Third Place went to last year’s winners – The Saga Louts (who weren’t the slightest bit loutish) with 173 points; Second – The Ditsy Dawsons (who weren’t the slightest bit ditsy) with 177 points. The Winners, with a high score of 193 points which outshone everyone, were

The Trikes (who were extremely magnificent), a team put together by Jim Rawlings from the Mobilise Headquarters’ office in the village. Congratulations to them.

The amount raised for Village Hall funds from ticket sales will be added here shortly but the Raffle on the night raised £117. Ray had a collection among the Quizzers for the Quidenham Hospice which raised £100.

A Quiz Night which was enjoyed by everyone there although it was hard work for the Quiz Masters and hard, in a different way, for all the competitors! There was a waiting list to take part in the Quiz again this time, so it may be possible to arrange another one in the Autumn, rather than waiting a whole yer for the next one. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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