Norfolk Quiz

  1. Which store claims to be “The World’s Largest Village Store”?
  2. The tallest windmill in the country is in Norfolk. Where?
  3. Allen Smethurst sang “Ha yew got a loight boy”. What was he better known as?
  4. Where was Horatio Nelson born?
  5. How many gates were there originally into the old city of Norwich?
  6. What was the name of the singer known as the Swedish Nightingale who raised money to found a children’s hospital in Norwich.
  7. What is a Bishy Barney Bee?
  8. What was farmed at Caley Mill?
  9. Only one town in Norolk faces West. Which one?
  10. Who was hanged at Norwich Castle as a traitor in 1549?
  11. Where was his brother hanged?
  12. Norwich once had 3 stations. Name them.
  13. What Roman Goddess stands on top of the Butter Cross in Swaffham?
  14. Which Village has a signpost in the middle of a pond?
  15. Which Norwich street used to be known as Blood and Guts Street? (and it was nothing to do with Saturday nights after closing time)
  16. Name Norfolk’s first county town
  17. Name the oldest pub in Norwich
  18. In which village is the oldest Wall Post Box?
  19. What is a dwile?
  20. Which Royal lady is a WI member?

Answers 1. Roys of Wroxham   2. Sutton  3. The singing postman  4.Burnham Thorpe 5.Twelve 6.Jenny Lind 7.Ladybird  8 Lavender  9. Hunstanton 10. Robet Kett 11.Wymondham Abbey 12.Thorpe, City,Victoria 13.Ceres  14. Upton  15.Ber Street  16.Caistor St Edmunds  17.Adam and Eve  18. Brampton  19.Floorcloth  20. Queen Elizabeth

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