6 June 2011 – Due to a lack of numbers on the usual last Wednesday of the month, the May Competition Night was postponed until 1 June 2011 when Alan Dawson, Kath Dawson, Shirley Moss, Gordon Robbie, Jennifer Robbie and Christine Wooster turned out to play the usual round robin tournament. The numbers meant singles matches could be fitted into the usual 2-hour slot, always useful for the overall statistics to even out the number of singles and doubles matches played and to give individuals full credit for the points scored in their games. Latest rankings placed Alan on Scratch with the other handicaps being Gordon, Jennifer and Shirley on 7, and Kath and Christine on 10.

Among the early matches played were husband-and-wife confrontations featuring the Dawsons and the Robbies where, coincidentally, the two wives both scored 87 points to defeat their respective husbands. Maybe this put Alan off his usual game and he won only two of his remaining four matches. For Kath, on the other hand, the game against Alan was her only win. Gordon gritted his teeth and managed to make that first game his only defeat. Despite scoring 128 points in one of her games, the highest points’ score on the night, Shirley had only two wins, while Christine scored well in all her games but only managed to win one of them. Jennifer went on from strength to strength after beating hubby to win all five of her matches and be the May victor.

In the rankings, her clean sweep brought Jennifer up from fourth to second but his four wins enabled Gordon to make top spot, displacing Alan down to third, with Shirley in fourth, while Kath and Christine stayed put.

NEXT COMPETITION NIGHT WILL BE ON WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE AT 19.30, when we will hope to see all the usual suspects. Any prospective new members will be very welcome then or at any of our ordinary Wednesday nights at 20.00. Shuffleboard is easy to pick up and it’s fun. Do come along and try it.          Gordon Robbie


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