Fundenhall History Walk

A walk around Fundenhall with a talk about the history of the village. A visit will also be made to Manor Farm, Fundenhall where you will be able to see the milking of the cows taking place and cream teas will be available.

Meet at Fundenhall church at 2.30pm this Sunday June 12th.

There may be a small charge/donation required with proceeds to go to Fundenhall Church (no details on this at the time of this post)

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  3. FUNDENHALL, 9 miles S.S.W. of Norwich, has in its area 367 spirits, and 1348 sections of land of land, having a place with a few proprietors, the biggest of whom are, Lord Berners, master of the estate of Fundenhall-cum-Hapton, (fines subjective,) and T. T. Berney, Esq., impropriator of the tithes and benefactor of the Church (St. Nicholas,) which is a donative, worth just about £21 per year, and now held by the Rev. Wm. Hurnard. The tithes were driven, in 1840, for £506 per annum

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