Julie and Matthew Bruton-Seal have been lucky enough to have seen some more unusual creatures over the last few weeks.

May 2012 – Another toad was seen, this time inside the house opposite the toad’s breeding pond along The Street, Ashwellthorpe. This is a long time after the Toad Watch ended in the village but the colder temperatures from February to beginning April this year were not ideal for toad movement. It had hopped into the kitchen and made its way through to another room of the house! It was taken out to the new wildlife pond in the house garden where Matthew and Julie hope it will remain until it migrates back to the wood. Also, there are now  three frogs in residence in the same small pond so perhaps another toad/frog settlement will take place here rather than across the main road in the other breeding pond. We shall see what happens in 2013.

7 May 2012 – On the road bridge over the old railway along Blacksmith’s Lane in Ashwellthorpe on a rainy afternoon Matthew spotted a “snake in the grass” – an adder. It was probably about 2 ft. (60cms) long and very still; a close inspection was not taken, just in case, so it was not known whether the adder was still alive or not. But it was chilly and damp, the sort of weather when adders are not particularly mobile.

22 May 2012 – not quite in Ashwellthorpe but on the Wattlefield Road where it joins the Wymondham Road, Matthew spotted a Grass Snake. A positive identification as he had so recently seen the Adder.

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