The new Gardening Club in Ashwellthorpe is now set up and will meet bi-monthly – Nick de Spon will be the Treasurer and Debbie de Spon the Secretary for the first year (of The Parsonage, The Street), with the post of Chairman still vacant. An annual membership fee of £12 or £2 per meeting was agreed. Subs will pay for teas and coffees and members may bring their own refreshments of course. The next gathering will be on Wednesday 19 February 2014 and then in April, June, August etc. This is not a Village Hall-based club and, as it is difficult to arrange a regular evening slot at the Hall because of existing regular bookings, the meeting will take place at The Piggeries, Church Farm House, 105 The Street, Ashwellthorpe, courtesy of Peter and Viv Barry. Initially, the weekday for holding each bi-monthly meeting will rotate to enable as many people to attend in different months because of other conflicting regular commitments.

At this meeting, Sue and Graham Conway from New Road, provided a box of crocus, daffodil and tulip bulbs from Notcutts which were “past their sell-by date” but which were still totally growable. Members were able to take their pick in exchange for a donation to Village Hall funds.

Suggestions from those present for future speakers were: Peter Beales Roses; Will Giles; Alpine Nursery of Wymondham; Leonie Wallhouse of Wymondham; Barry Watkins in his capacity as the Ashwellthorpe Wood Warden; and John Effany the arborealist and fruit tree specialist. And, of course, members are encouraged to feed back to the Club any other suggestions or topics for speakers.

Gardening questions already posed or other useful and interesting information/suggestions given by the members: opportunity to swap plants and seeds; visit public gardens such as Cambridge University Botanic Garden, East Ruston Old Vicarage garden and Houghton Hall; information on soil types and structures for growing particular plants; vegetable gardening; seasonal gardening tips; comparison of wild plants which were growing in the vicinity some 40 years ago to what exists now.

Sue Conway will keep the Club posted on events at Notcutts of Norwich and also make enquiries about Sage discount membership for gardening clubs.

So that’s it in a large nutshell. All gardeners, expert and novice, in-betweeners and potterers, are very welcome. So please come along to the next meeting on Wednesday 19 February at The Piggeries.

How to get there – take the entrance to the Drive immediately next to the village sign past All Saints Church green in Ashwellthorpe which leads down to Hall farm house. Drive past the farm house and the Piggeries are at the end; there is plenty of parking.






  1. ms. f. Gaskin says:

    Do you have contacts for good gardeners as around forty of us have lost ours ! He had to return to tje s of England so finding a good humoured sensible helpful person is as tricky ss it was before je appeared on the scene

  2. jrobbie says:

    Greetings Ms Gaskin. I am one of the administrators for our village website but am not a member of the Ashwellthorpe Gardening Club. I will pass on your query to the Chairman and/or Secretary in the hope that they or one of the Gardening Club members might be able to help in your quest for a good-humoured, sensible and helpful gardener – Jennifer Robbie

  3. jrobbie says:

    Ashwellthorpe Gardening Club does not have a contact list of gardeners looking for work neither do the Chair and Secretary personally know of a gardener who might be able to help you. They do suggest you might put a post on one of the social network sites where you can post calls for such things – Jennifer Robbie

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