January 2015 – The following are all Norfolk hamlets, villages or towns in anagram form. Answers will be given in February 2015, when the next quiz is posted.

See answers in right column

1)     THEM RAW                        Wretham

2)     ROWL WELT                      Wortwell

3)     STONEY REDS                   Syderstone

4)     HO GARNET                       Thornage

5)     OR NOUGHT                       Roughton

6)     LONE SHTAR                      Harleston

7)     MOWTH MANDRAKE        Downham Market

8)     SLY BRIE                              Brisley

9)     STEEL DONG                       Geldeston

10)   CAMEL SHRIMP                 Crimplesham


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