It seemed that our now traditional January Quiz ‘n’ Chips evening was enjoyed by everyone who attended – if the laughter, applause, groans, “I told you that was the right answer” asides, and the general bonhomie were anything to go by! There were fifteen tables of up to six quizzers on each one, trying to answer the questions posed by Ray and helped by  his son Paul this time, who verified the scores at the end of each of the four rounds of questions,  plus a portrait round and a musical round.

Raffle tickets were sold in aid of Village Hall Funds and then two question rounds were completed and the Raffle drawn before the Fish and Chips arrived just after 9.00 p.m. The Raffle raised £123.

We were able to tuck into the fish and chips whilst puzzling over the pictures of “well-known” TV and Film doctors. Another two rounds and the music recognition (or non-recognition) followed. Before the results were declared, a round-the-table collection was made for Ray’s chosen charity – the East Anglian Children’s Hospice -which raised £107.40p.

The winners this time were the Joy of Six team who won the joy of a bottle of wine each; the wooden spooners were again the No-Hopers who won a chocolatey treat each. As the teams in between 1st and 15th do not win a prize, perhaps next time, other quiz teams should try not only to unseat the victors but try to come last as the “booby prize” always seems very acceptable too!

The team names this time were: Joy of Six; Six Pack; Absolute Beginners; Drama Monarchs; Up Dawson’s Creek; The Jackson Four; Pentangle Plus One; Fat Chancers; Ferret Ticklers; Team Bird Brain; Sink or Swim; Hector’s Harem; Just Here for the Chips; Hopeful Quizzers and The No-Hopers.

There will be another Quiz ‘n’ Chips Evening in late August or early September  2015.


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