In May of Twenty Fifteen – right!

There is a chance for all who might

be eighteen plus and even more

to stand to be a Councillor –

A Parish one, I mean to say,

Seventh of May, on a Thursday.


Four years ago, it was “no go”

for Fun. and Ash. their choice to show.

As no election need be done

if only seven people run.

And seven or less for seven seats

were all that came to join the heats.

So people who were nomina-ted

without a contest were elec-ted.


And since that date –

some have resigned and some have gone;

and when those gaps have come upon

the Parish Council, they’ve been filled

not by votes in bye-elections

but by means of some co-options.

All quite legal and above the board,

BUT let’s ‘du diffrent‘, to go forward.


So why not let your name go in

for an election to begin;

to take a part in sharing your

experience and even more.

Then, on the day we can with ease

a cross beside the names we please.


To stand – a form by YOU is done

if for election you wish to run.

Download it from SN-DC

or they might even post it to thee –

forms can be obtained so easily.


YOUR name and others to nominate

by certain time in April the date

when SN-DC do close the list

after which the boat YOU’VE missed.

A while to think just what to do –

decide if YOU want to stand too!


There is an onus for one’s best

endeavours in the endless quest

of making sure the parish word

by bigger Councils must be heard

and acted on and not ignored.

A busy life – you’ll not get bored!

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