The Open Gardens event in Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall on 13 and 14 June – which was arranged by a task force team from the Ashwellthorpe Gardening Club with the willing co-operation, inspiration and hard work of the “open” gardeners themselves – was a great success enjoyed by many. 230 tickets were sold and the scores of people who visited the thirteen gardens enjoyed their planting, beauty and variation – in spite of the weather! More details about the weekend from the Gardening Club Secretary can be seen on the Leisure > Clubs/Groups/Events > Write Ups and Reviews Page.

The profit made from the event reached the great total of £1,160; in addition to which The Big C raised over £200 from their home made crafts stall; The Meningitis Research Foundation raised £70 on their crafts stall and the Village Hall £150 – from the sale of refreshments – for the Village Defibrillator Fund.

After the Open Gardens event, the Ashwellthorpe Gardening Club was in the happy position of being able to donate the following amounts to its chosen 2015 charities: East Anglian Children’s Hospices for its NOOK Appeal (a new Hospice) £250; The Big C – £250; All Saints’ Church, Ashwellthorpe – £150; Ashwellthorpe Defibrillator Fund – £150; and The Meningitis Research Foundation – £50. The remaining amount raised goes into the gardening Club funds for future events.

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