OPEN GARDENS EVENT – 13 and 14 JUNE 2015

Thank you to the members of the Gardening Club who volunteered at our recent Open Gardens Event in Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall. The Task Force Team oversaw the arrangements and thanks must go to them too. Margaret Nielson, Jacqueline Ives, Jane Wareham, Viv Barry, Graham Conway and Nick de Spon. Ian Spratt designed the banner, the fliers and the map of the gardens which were much admired. Hannah de Spon designed the logo. Carol Bushell was the Village Hall liaison person and on hand on the day to supervise.

Volunteers opened and manned their gardens, served refreshments, sold tickets, donated and sold plants, planted containers and bric a brac. They loaned a trailer and a truck, moved, weeded and mulched!

The church threw open its doors to accommodate us and locals brought beautiful crafts to sell. The Village Hall was decorated and the garden planted and weeded and buzzed with visitors the whole weekend. Neighbours lent us a field and garden for parking, and fences to hold our publicity banners. Posters and fliers were printed for free. The churchyard was mowed and strimmed and hedges lining The Street tamed.

We had a terrific weekend with over 230 tickets sold, and in spite of the weather scores of paople enjoyed the varied gardens there were to visit. Some had visited two years previously but many came for he first time. They enjoyed tea and coffee, cakes, wine Pimms and beer and other seasonal delights.

We made a very respectable profit of £1160. This doesn’t include over £200 that the Bic C took over the weekend on their home made crafts stall, and the £70 made by the Meningitis Research Foundation on theirs, or the village Hall refreshments which were raising money for the Village Defibrillator Fund which raised £150.

We are in the happy position of donating money to our chosen charities for this event:

EACH (NOOK Appeal – £250;  The Big C – £250; All Saints’ Church, Ashwellthorpe – £150; Ashwellthorpe Defibrillator Fund – £150; and The Meningitis Research Foundation – £50. The remaining funds will go into the Gardening Club funds for future events.

We trust you’ll agree that the effort was wholly worthwhile, and we thank you again for your help in making it possible.

Debbie de Spon  Secretary  13 July 2015

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