REPORT ON QUIZ ‘N’ CHIPS NIGHT at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall

A successful and enjoyable quiz ‘n’ chips night was held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 15 August 2015, with over eighty people making up fourteen teams pitting their wits and brainpower against each other in a very friendly fashion! The questions, asked by Ray Jenkins, varied from General Knowledge to music of all kinds, from vegetable anagrams to celebrity pictures, with each team’s answer sheets being marked by another team, later verified by Ray’s wife Sue. As usual, Morris and John went off to Wymondham to collect the Fish and Chips which, even after the long diversionary route to and from Wymondham being endured at the moment, were warm and tasty – these were consumed by everyone before the last musical round started.

During this interval, instead of the usual Raffle raising funds for the Village Hall, a different Raffle cause was announced by Nick de Spon, Parish Councillor – “The Big 600 Defibrillator Raffle”. One public access defibrillator (Automated External Defibrillator) has already been purchased and fixed to an outside wall of Ashwellthorpe Village Hall, with another one planned for a site in Fundenhall. Raffle tickets were sold on the night and raised some £165, and will be on sale until October 2015, with the Draw taking place at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 20 October 2015. Amongst the prizes are Dinner for Two at Dunston Hall; two day Gym Pass at Park Farm, Hethersett, for two people; Barrel of beer in a barrow with plenty of other prizes to delight you. More about the Defibrillator and this Raffle will be posted on the website on the Fund Raising pages later on.

The quiz was over by about 22.30 with brains duly drained but excitement and clamour rising to hear the results which, in reverse order, were:

McPhees – 107 points – winning the wooden spoon prize of solar lighting posts; It’s in Here Somewhere 113; No Hopers/Joker’s Rogues 115; Hopeful Quizzers 119; Jackson Four 121; Hector’s Harem 124; Only Here for the Fish ‘n’ Chips 129; Absolute Beginners 130; Mondin’s Minors 131; Maximum Steam 132; R & B and Bunch o’ Fives 135 – joint 3rd; Hawaii Five-O 139 – 2nd; and Up Dawson’s Creek 146 – the Winners.

As the No Hopers did not finish in last position this time and as the Absolute Beginners have entered several of these quizzes and are now quite old hand entrants, perhaps their team names are due for an update before the next Village Hall Quiz!

Thanks very much to Ray and Sue Jenkins for being our friendly Questionmasters and to John and Morris for purveying the fish ‘n’ chips. The collection during the evening for Ray’s chosen charity of East Anglian Children’s Hospices raised over £93 – he also presented a cheque for £1,143 to that same cause, an amount raised over the last year from quizzes he has organised. The sale of some Big 600 Defibrillator raffle tickets raised some £165. Any excess funds from the ticket sales (less cost of fish ‘n’ chips etc.) will go to Village Hall funds.

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