The new Parish Council are attempting to reduce speeding in Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall (New Road). We are looking to establish a COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH (CSW) Program. To get the scheme underway we are looking for a minimum of 6 volunteers who can commit a minimum of 1 hour a week. The following outlines the scheme in detail.

Scheme Composition and Operating Guidelines

1. There should be a minimum of six volunteers in the scheme, each willing to contribute a minimum of one hour per week. Small communities who are unable to reach this figure are encouraged to link with other interested local councils/groups, with a view to joining together for a wider-area scheme.

2.  Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and will be subject to a vetting procedure (please contact our volunteer recruitment team if you require further information on vetting guidelines). Volunteers who do not wish to be involved in speed monitoring may assist with administrative support, and each scheme must include at least one person in this category. Some volunteers may, of course, be able to do both.

3. The scheme is to have a designated co-ordinator and deputy, responsible for the equipment and administration.

4. Norfolk Safety Camera partnership will nominate an administration officer, for processing the activity log recording sheets and for ongoing support.

5. The Parish or local Council must support the scheme.

6. The locations for monitoring are chosen by the community, based on their experience and knowledge of the area. Supporting data may be available from the police or local authority.

7. Risk assessments will be carried out by a trained officer, who will approve the nearest safe site to that chosen. All sites must be within 30 mph or 40 mph limits.

8. Training for volunteers will include use of the equipment, and health and safety issues both general and site-specific. This training may be cascaded to new volunteers by scheme members but direct approval must be given by Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership following vetting. New members must sign the scheme Codes of Conduct, one copy being sent to the Community Speed Watch Administrator at the partnership.


Jacqueline Ives – Chairman of the Parish Council                                       OR

Ian Bishop – Parish Councillor: [email protected]






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