Another packed Village Hall of hopeful quizzers gathered for this annual August quiz evening with questions put together and marked by Ray and Susan Jenkins – 14 tables each with a maximum of 6 quizzers. A lot of hard work was put in by Ray to put together the varied rounds of questions – this year there were themes to each round, varying from families, always the bridesmaid i.e. second, tv programmes and   geography, to two picture rounds with an extra anagram-type feature, and a music round. Added to all these was a nerve-racking “Wipe Out” round of ten questions scoring 4 points for each correct answer which, if just one question was wrong, led to the loss of all the points scored in that round! Most of the fourteen teams took extreme care to answer only the questions to which they “positively” knew the correct answer so as not to incur the penalty. But, I believe every team got the very first question wrong – which river is USA’s longest?;  “positively” putting down the answer Mississippi, when the correct answer is Missouri* – and, therefore, all teams got zero points.

Sue had her work cut out with the marking and verification of all the teams’ efforts and provided the results in reverse order (and I apologise if I have misheard the names and they are slightly wrong): 14 – Hector’s Harem; 11 – Second Family, Hens and Sheep, Hopeful Quizzers; 10 – Six of the Best; 8  Terry’s Boys, The Crabbies; 6  They Haven’t a Clue; 5  – Packer’s Thinkers; 4 – Gee Gees; 3 – Absolute Beginners; 2 – Up Dawson’s Creek; with the winners being The Generation Gap on 161 points (Carole and Richard Bradford, Louise Chadbon , Gavin Robbie, Gordon and Jennifer Robbie). A case of six bottles of wine was the prize for the winners.

Nick de Spon was the MC on the night, but Margaret Neilson was the ticket organiser/seller and collector of the fish and chips etc. which were all hot and very tasty. A raffle was held which raised £117 and a tankard collection organised by Ray for his 2016 Charity – Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspapers – raised £118.68p. A big thank-you to Ray and Sue for their splendid quiz and for the fun, good spirit and enjoyment it gave all the quizzers. There’ll be another one in January 2017.

*The Missouri is 2,341 miles in length and the Mississippi 2,320 miles.


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