The match between  teams from the Wymondham Shufflers and the Ashwellthorpe Shuffleboad Club took place on Friday 7 October at the North Wymondham Community Hall.  The Ashwellthorpe team were: Annette Bunting, Paul Bunting, Alan Dawson, Shirley Moss, Gordon Robbie, Jennifer Robbie, John Saunders and Liz Saunders.

Four Doubles matches and eight singles matches were held on the two match courts which were laid out – longer and faster than our courts in Ashwellthorpe; some of the matches were very close and low-scoring but the final results came out as a 2 – 2 draw in the doubles and a 4 – 4 draw in the singles. What could be fairer!A very pleasant evening with good refreshments laid on as well. The return match will be at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 9 November 2016

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