The Ashwellthorpe weather data is collected each morning between 07.00 and 08.00 at 5 Greenwood Close. The temperature and humidity readings will, therefore, not necessarily be the warmest/coolest or highest/lowest of any 24-hour period.

Rainfall – the total rainfall for October 2016 was 38.5 mm with the highest daily amount of 5.5 mm being recorded on Tuesday 11 October. Sixteen days of the 31-day month had no measurable rainfall to record.

Temperature – the average temperature for October 2016 was 9.43 C with the highest of 14 C being taken on Sunday 2 October 2016. The lowest temperature of 6 C was taken on Tuesday 25 October 2016.

Humidity – the highest humidity reading of 61% was taken on the four mornings  of Wednesday 12, Monday 17, Thursday 20 and Wednesday 26 October, with the lowest of 42% being recorded on Sunday 2 October 2016.

Comparisons with previous years’ weather data can be made by scrolling down the page.

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