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Water emergency

What is the emergency telephone number for Anglian water?
08457 145145

Police contact

How do I contact the Police for a non emergency query?
Phone 0845 456 4567

Parish Council meetings

When are the Parish Council meetings?

In the Village hall every 3rd tuesday of the month

Electricity supply interrupted

What is the telephone number if my electricity supply has been interrupted?

Assuming that it is the supplier (i.e. you have checked the fuses) call 0800 783 8838

You can also use this number to report damaged equipment

  • Please call us urgently if you see any of the following, and we’ll make the equipment safe:
  • Damaged equipment or lines
  • Overhead lines that are on the ground or low enough for people or vehicles to come into contact with them
  • Sparking overhead wires that are twisted or pushed together by broken tree branches
  • Broken substation fences or damaged electricity manhole covers in the road or pavement which leave live equipment exposed
  • Electricity meters and associated equipment that are not secure or waterproof