JUNE PARISH WALK on SUNDAY 2 JUNE 2013 from Bird in Hand, Wreningham

Local Parish Walk June 2013

The next parish walk will be on Sunday 2 June starting at 10.00 a.m. from the Wreningham Bird in Hand Carpark. This 5-miles leisurely walk will be along public footpaths and quiet country lanes towards Bracon Ash and Hethel and return. Don’t forget to wear suitable footwear for the weather conditions – who knows what the weather will be like between now and then!


The next parish walk organised by Rick and Nancy Adams will start from Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. on Sunday 28 April 2013 and will be approximately 4 miles on public footpaths and quiet by-roads. April 2013 Local Parish walk

There will be another parish walk on Sunday 2 June – more details later


The February Parish Walk will leave the King’s Head Public House, Turnpike, Ashwellthorpe at 10.00 a.m. on Sunday 24 February and will be about 4 miles long using quiet roads and public footpaths. The route will depend on the weather conditions on the day (or leading up to it). Everyone welcome – including children and dogs. Look forward to seeing as many of you there as can make it.


The next Parish Walk will take place on Sunday 25 November 2012, leaving the Bird in Hand pub, Wreningham, at 10.00 a.m. The walk will be a circuit of approximately 5 miles, towards Bracon Ash, using quiet roads, public footpaths, over watermeadows and part of the Tas Valley Way. Please wear suitable footwear. Everybody welcome and hope to see you then.


This month’s walk will take place on Sunday 24 June leaving Ashwellthorpe Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. The route will be approx. 6 miles, across fields and some water meadows so appropriate footwear should be worn, even though (or because) it is Mid-Summer Day in England! The destination is Hethel Church,  Hethel nature reserve and the Hethel Thorn. Nancy is providing light refreshments which will be delicious and most welcome during a rest before the return home.

Parish Walk 1 7th Jan 2007

Report of the Parish Walk 7th Jan
We all had a ‘Wellie’ good time. After the terrible weather of the last few days we were not sure if anybody would come. Sadly one or two hopeful walkers could not come due to the weather and sickness. In the end 17 people (and one dog) met at the Village Hall and set off over the fields towards Fundenhall. The pace was leisurely due to all the conversation going on. There were one or two very muddy patches and at one of these we momentarily lost John down the ditch when he slipped in the mud. After a quick bit of first aid we were off again.
At Fundenhall Village Sign we stopped for hot mulled wine and the conversation continued. Then after a quick look at Fundenhall Church we started back via Hudman’s Lane and over the fields when the sun even decided to make an appearance. After stopping for yet another picture at Ashwellthorpe Church we headed over to the wood for a detour and finished up (slightly muddier than at the start) at the White Horse where we were welcomed.With some beers and mince pies we stopped for a while which made a good end to the morning.

Bike Rides Summer 2010

The bike rides this summer were regular with 10 people turning up at various times. There were never that number all at once but each week a small group explored the lanes and roads around the area often stopping for the obligatory cup of tea.
The longest ride was to New Buckenham (16 miles) but as usual there was a stop for tea and cakes so it was not too tiring. Villages visited included Hethel, Mulbarton, Carlton Rode, Wymondham, Spooner Row, Bunwell, Flordon etc so knowledge of local geography by the group has improved no end.
There were some good sunny days but rides still happened in the wet which was excellent.
Two of the riders (Liz and Julie) even got together to ride Peddar’s Way over a couple of days so congratulations to them.
Sadly, Laurette who first asked for the rides has moved away from the Village to be closer to her son but thanks to her for being the catalyst to start organised rides.
Now that the clocks have gone back the rides have stopped for the winter.

Parish Walk 36 9th Jan 2011

Report of Parish Walk 36 9.1.11
This walk is 4 years on from our first walk and originally, in the Parish Action Plan a number of people said that they wanted various things including walks, and these became one of the things that the plan produced. (Details of the plan are elsewhere on this website –see the tabs on the left). We had no idea how long they would go on for and thought that we would simply continue them for as long as people still came on them. Four years on, some of the current regular walkers are ones who had come on the first walk, whilst over the time some people have moved away or simply stopped coming and others have replaced them. In fact we do not know how many people have joined any of the walks, but thanks to all of you. We hope that you enjoyed them and that more villagers have met each other.
. . . . . .
What did you get for Christmas?
Did you go to the sales?
What about Norwich losing in the cup match yesterday
These and plenty more topics were exchanged as the group of walkers talked their way across to Long’s Wood. We went via Lower Wood walking through the thick layer of leaves carpeting the floor. Coming out onto the field we were crunching along through a white coating of frost. In a way it was even better that it was frosty as it was a sunny day with a bright blue sky above us.
We took the back way into Long’s Wood behind a large farm house on Wymondham Rd Wreningham, and took the path around the edge of the newer part of the wood. Several of us had not taken this route before and so close to home some people did not know where we were.
At about the half way point we had a rest to enjoy some cake and hot mulled wine.
After that it was a leisurely route through the older part of the wood, via Wreningham and Poplar’s Farm farmyard and over the fields to Ashwellthorpe Church.
Distance 4.97 miles
Number of walker 17
Next walk 13th Feb at 10am meeting in the car park of the Bird in Hand PH Wreningham

Parish Walk 35 21st Nov 2010

35 not out. No it is not the cricket score in the Ashes tour. This was the 35th walk in the current series of Parish Walks. When we started them we expected that they might last for a few months and then just fade away, but all the time we have said that if people still come then we will arrange them. Well people are still coming which is great, and this time 22 of us (not forgetting the dog) set out. That was in spite of the dismal weather that we have had lately and somehow we managed to finish and just get home before the heavens opened and the rain came down. Good planning or good luck? Well….
We all became rather strung out with a long gap between those at the front and those bringing up the rear, but who cares as we think that everyone enjoyed themselves. It is a sociable event as we have always said and we are not worried about the speed. As we have one of us at the front and one at the rear we will not lose anyone.
The route was about 4 miles and started from the Village Hall via the wood and over the fields in the direction Wymondham and then back along the road towards Wreningham. There was a diversion into Long’s Wood and then back home. With all the rain recently we were surprised that only one person slipped in the mud, but one very happy dog looked as if he needed a good wash by the end.. Walking was hard over some fields as they had been ploughed and seeded but the paths have not been replaced, but 22 people (and of course the dog) made quite a track.
Talking of tracks the deer still seem to be on the fields in good numbers. Some of them must be rather large unless we have some new species with huge feet and small body. No. There are obviously points were they always cross the ditches at the same point and create slides down the steep sides. Sadly the deer themselves were keeping well out of the way.

Parish Walk 34: 17th Oct 2010

What has a walk in the sunshine to do with computers?
What has a relaxing morning wandering around local footpaths got to do with getting really angry?
The answer is this report. It was written and at the point of downloading onto the Parish website the PC crashed and the document whizzed off to that black hole which is probably full of all those computer files that we have lost.
So here goes again.
Well I would have said that the sun shone on the righteous but the full quote is the sun shone and it rained on the righteous and the unrighteous (or something very close). Well the sun certainly shone beautifully all morning but luckily it did not rain. As for the righteous or unrighteous you will have to take it from us that of course we were all righteous.
2 deer seen running away over the fields
5 footbridges crossed
6 of us did the walk
10 am was when we started the walk
12 noon (or getting on for that) was when we finished
17 the date
18 what the temperature was according to the radio
Lots of words said when I lost the earlier report

It was one of those warm sunny autumn days when there is hardly a breath of wind. There were only six of us but we enjoyed a lovely walk and took probably longer than needed due to the amount of conversation going on.
We started at Fundenhall Church and headed over the fields towards Tacolneston. There was much hilarity as we had to step over an electric fence across the path, when it required to be held down with the rubber sole of a boot, and we all hoped that no one would let it shoot up at the wrong moment.
After a circuit over the fields and through woods we recrossed the B1113 and returned via Tacolneston Wood where we wished that we had learned about fungi, as there were many there. The trouble was that none of us knew which ones we could eat safely. It is a great year for fungi and it is not too late to pop over to Ashwellthorpe Wood (or any other public wood) and have a look. There are so many different types.
Anyway, we made it back to the Church and 3 of us walked home to Ashwellthorpe.

Next walk 21st November. Meet at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall. We will decide the route when we know what the weather is like