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Ashwellthorpe Wood – Early Winter

Ashwellthorpe Wood – Late Autumn

Ashwellthorpe Wood – Spring

Photos by Gordon Robbie

Fundenhall History Walk

History Walk around Fundenhall with John Brooks

Fundenhall Past

Picture from Mrs Rushmore of Bunwell .....Does anybody reconise these children.

Grant Presentation

Presentation of Grant Cheque to Village Hall Committee

Presentation of grant cheque by Hedley Smith, from Norfolk Council Community Forum for the purchase of new tables for the hall.

Photos by Sid Weiner

Puppet Show – Old Mother Hubbard

Coffee and Cakes Morning

Village Hall ‘Paint-In’

The painting of the hall by volunteers over the weekend of May 19th. & 20th. 2007.


Ashwellthorpe Past – Pictures of Ashwellthorpe