Event Reports


This year’s traditional Summer Quiz ‘n’ Chips evening was held at the Village Hall on Saturday 19 August with nine teams of six people each answering (in one way or another) the various questions put together by our regular and popular Quizzer – Ray, helped this time by sister Shirley.

There were three general knowledge rounds with 20, 23 and 25 questions respectively, two “Table” rounds, one with 12 cartoon characters and the other with 12 National flags to identify, finishing the Quiz with a Music round covering several decades from the 1950s onwards.

The teams had, as usual, idiosyncratic names: Joy of Six – joint 2nd; Five Minus One-joint 2nd; It’s in There Somewhere! – 7th; Generation Gap -1st; Jackson 5 – 6th; Dot no I’s – joint 3rd; Wymps on Tour – joint 3rd; Mc vs 6 – 8th; Normal for Ashwellthorpe – 9th. After several rounds, fish and chips and the raffle draw, the music round sorted everything out and the The winners of the evening  were  presented with six bottles of wine and the “Wooden Spoonees”  with six packets of cheese biscuits. The event cleared a profit of £199.90 for Village Hall funds.

Ray’s collection for his charity of the year – East Anglian Air Ambulance – raised £73.47. Thanks very much to Ray and Shirley for putting together the Quiz and marking the answers and to everyone for entering. A very enjoyable evening – and the fish and chips were good too.


Another very enjoyable quiz night was held at the Village Hall on Saturday night  (21 January 2017) with 11 tables (six team members on each table) taking part in one of Ray and Sue’s quizzes. During the evening, there were three rounds of 20 questions, plus a celebrity photo round, plus a music round. Another clever round was a photographic collage of British Prime Ministers and US Presidents, when a particular letter of their first-name or surname had to be worked out to make an anagram of a well-known phrase which, of course, then had to be worked out as well. It was all a good format and Ray must have spent a lot of time putting it together and then Sue had to do the check-marking after each round. So many thanks to them from all who attended. Fish and Chips were delivered to the Village Hall about half way through the quiz which gave the brains a short rest.

This time, the eleven quiz teams were: Norfolk ‘n’ Good; Make America Great Again; Mrs Brown’s Boys; The Jackson Five; Absolute Beginners; Four plus Two; The Clangers; Dawson’s Creek; Generation Gap; Joy of Six; The Magnificent Seven and, living up to the team name, the winners were THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

The Raffle of several prizes raised £80.00 for Village Hall funds; Ray’s beer mug collection which will be for the East Anglia Air Ambulance charity this year, raised £76.00.



Another packed Village Hall of hopeful quizzers gathered for this annual August quiz evening with questions put together and marked by Ray and Susan Jenkins – 14 tables each with a maximum of 6 quizzers. A lot of hard work was put in by Ray to put together the varied rounds of questions – this year there were themes to each round, varying from families, always the bridesmaid i.e. second, tv programmes and   geography, to two picture rounds with an extra anagram-type feature, and a music round. Added to all these was a nerve-racking “Wipe Out” round of ten questions scoring 4 points for each correct answer which, if just one question was wrong, led to the loss of all the points scored in that round! Most of the fourteen teams took extreme care to answer only the questions to which they “positively” knew the correct answer so as not to incur the penalty. But, I believe every team got the very first question wrong – which river is USA’s longest?;  “positively” putting down the answer Mississippi, when the correct answer is Missouri* – and, therefore, all teams got zero points.

Sue had her work cut out with the marking and verification of all the teams’ efforts and provided the results in reverse order (and I apologise if I have misheard the names and they are slightly wrong): 14 – Hector’s Harem; 11 – Second Family, Hens and Sheep, Hopeful Quizzers; 10 – Six of the Best; 8  Terry’s Boys, The Crabbies; 6  They Haven’t a Clue; 5  – Packer’s Thinkers; 4 – Gee Gees; 3 – Absolute Beginners; 2 – Up Dawson’s Creek; with the winners being The Generation Gap on 161 points (Carole and Richard Bradford, Louise Chadbon , Gavin Robbie, Gordon and Jennifer Robbie). A case of six bottles of wine was the prize for the winners.

Nick de Spon was the MC on the night, but Margaret Neilson was the ticket organiser/seller and collector of the fish and chips etc. which were all hot and very tasty. A raffle was held which raised £117 and a tankard collection organised by Ray for his 2016 Charity – Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspapers – raised £118.68p. A big thank-you to Ray and Sue for their splendid quiz and for the fun, good spirit and enjoyment it gave all the quizzers. There’ll be another one in January 2017.

*The Missouri is 2,341 miles in length and the Mississippi 2,320 miles.



The very popular annual January Quiz ‘n’ Chips evening at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall was held last Saturday evening, 16 January 2016 and was another sell-out with the Village Hall full of thirteen teams, mostly with six members in each team. The expert Question Master was, as always, Ray, assisted in the marking and adjudication by his wife Sue, and many thanks from all participants go to them both for devising a fun, but mind/memory stretching series of 55 questions (including the music round), plus a photograph round and Map of South America country quiz.

Ray held his usual collection for his Charity of the Year which, for 2016, is the Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper and £90 was raised. The Village Hall’s raffle of several prizes raised £102.

Now to the results in time-honoured reverse order (and I hope I have got the names of the teams correct!)

13 – MCD Esses

12 – No Hopers, Losers and Rogues

11 joint – Pigs and Sheep and

Hopeful Quizzers

9 – One from the Bottom

8 – Hector’s Harem

7 – Joy of Six

6 – Wafflers

4 joint –  Pensioners and


3 – Jackson Six

Joint Winners – Mums and Dads and

Up Dawson’s Creek

As there were joint winners on 145 Points, a tie breaker came into play –  “In Which Year was the first Oxford/Cambridge University Boat Race held?” The answer is 1829 – Mums and Dads said 1885; Up Dawson’s Creek said 1810. So, Up Dawson’s Creek were the closest and Winners of the 6 bottles of wine first prize.



REPORT ON QUIZ ‘N’ CHIPS NIGHT at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall

A successful and enjoyable quiz ‘n’ chips night was held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 15 August 2015, with over eighty people making up fourteen teams pitting their wits and brainpower against each other in a very friendly fashion! The questions, asked by Ray Jenkins, varied from General Knowledge to music of all kinds, from vegetable anagrams to celebrity pictures, with each team’s answer sheets being marked by another team, later verified by Ray’s wife Sue. As usual, Morris and John went off to Wymondham to collect the Fish and Chips which, even after the long diversionary route to and from Wymondham being endured at the moment, were warm and tasty – these were consumed by everyone before the last musical round started.

During this interval, instead of the usual Raffle raising funds for the Village Hall, a different Raffle cause was announced by Nick de Spon, Parish Councillor – “The Big 600 Defibrillator Raffle”. One public access defibrillator (Automated External Defibrillator) has already been purchased and fixed to an outside wall of Ashwellthorpe Village Hall, with another one planned for a site in Fundenhall. Raffle tickets were sold on the night and raised some £165, and will be on sale until October 2015, with the Draw taking place at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 20 October 2015. Amongst the prizes are Dinner for Two at Dunston Hall; two day Gym Pass at Park Farm, Hethersett, for two people; Barrel of beer in a barrow with plenty of other prizes to delight you. More about the Defibrillator and this Raffle will be posted on the website on the Fund Raising pages later on.

The quiz was over by about 22.30 with brains duly drained but excitement and clamour rising to hear the results which, in reverse order, were:

McPhees – 107 points – winning the wooden spoon prize of solar lighting posts; It’s in Here Somewhere 113; No Hopers/Joker’s Rogues 115; Hopeful Quizzers 119; Jackson Four 121; Hector’s Harem 124; Only Here for the Fish ‘n’ Chips 129; Absolute Beginners 130; Mondin’s Minors 131; Maximum Steam 132; R & B and Bunch o’ Fives 135 – joint 3rd; Hawaii Five-O 139 – 2nd; and Up Dawson’s Creek 146 – the Winners.

As the No Hopers did not finish in last position this time and as the Absolute Beginners have entered several of these quizzes and are now quite old hand entrants, perhaps their team names are due for an update before the next Village Hall Quiz!

Thanks very much to Ray and Sue Jenkins for being our friendly Questionmasters and to John and Morris for purveying the fish ‘n’ chips. The collection during the evening for Ray’s chosen charity of East Anglian Children’s Hospices raised over £93 – he also presented a cheque for £1,143 to that same cause, an amount raised over the last year from quizzes he has organised. The sale of some Big 600 Defibrillator raffle tickets raised some £165. Any excess funds from the ticket sales (less cost of fish ‘n’ chips etc.) will go to Village Hall funds.


The acoustics within Ashwellthorpe Village Hall provided by the wooden and wood-beamed roof, once again proved a valuable complement to a superb musical entertainment by Liz Simcock, her backing players and the local band, Hollowlands, playing to a sell-out audience. The first set by Hollowlands – Mick Garman, Pete Leeson, Derek Smith and Helen West vocalising and playing guitars, ukuleles and percussion – started with ‘Last Train to Nuremburg’ and also included, among others, ‘Way over Yonder (in another key)’. Are they performing during the Wymondham Music Festival?  If so, another chance for everyone to hear them.

Not knowing what to expect, I wondered whether the evening might be full of “traditional” folk songs or folk rock or protest songs from the 1960s with which I was familiar. But Liz Simcock added to my knowledge and wowed the whole audience with her perfect pitch and purity of voice with songs of her own composition. Backed by Dave Ellis on guitar and Boo Howard on bass guitar, and occasional bouzouki, I’d say her compositions were songs with a social conscience, songs of sadness and of joy, or realism rather than idealism, of life and hope, and some of amusement – I’ll never knit again without humming k1, p 1, k 2 together! Her encore at the end of second set, was an unaccompanied version of ‘Annie Laurie’ which brought tears to the eyes of the Scot sitting next to me.

It was a great evening with at least two of the audience coming all the way from Cambridge to hear Liz (having read about it on our village website) and thanks to Brian Mondin for organising the gig and also to Penny for organising all the refreshments. I hope Liz, Dave, Boo, Mick, Pete, Derek and Helen all enjoyed themselves too.


It seemed that our now traditional January Quiz ‘n’ Chips evening was enjoyed by everyone who attended – if the laughter, applause, groans, “I told you that was the right answer” asides, and the general bonhomie were anything to go by! There were fifteen tables of up to six quizzers on each one, trying to answer the questions posed by Ray and helped by  his son Paul this time, who verified the scores at the end of each of the four rounds of questions,  plus a portrait round and a musical round.

Raffle tickets were sold in aid of Village Hall Funds and then two question rounds were completed and the Raffle drawn before the Fish and Chips arrived just after 9.00 p.m. The Raffle raised £123.

We were able to tuck into the fish and chips whilst puzzling over the pictures of “well-known” TV and Film doctors. Another two rounds and the music recognition (or non-recognition) followed. Before the results were declared, a round-the-table collection was made for Ray’s chosen charity – the East Anglian Children’s Hospice -which raised £107.40p.

The winners this time were the Joy of Six team who won the joy of a bottle of wine each; the wooden spooners were again the No-Hopers who won a chocolatey treat each. As the teams in between 1st and 15th do not win a prize, perhaps next time, other quiz teams should try not only to unseat the victors but try to come last as the “booby prize” always seems very acceptable too!

The team names this time were: Joy of Six; Six Pack; Absolute Beginners; Drama Monarchs; Up Dawson’s Creek; The Jackson Four; Pentangle Plus One; Fat Chancers; Ferret Ticklers; Team Bird Brain; Sink or Swim; Hector’s Harem; Just Here for the Chips; Hopeful Quizzers and The No-Hopers.

There will be another Quiz ‘n’ Chips Evening in late August or early September  2015.



Another packed Quiz Evening at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall welcomed twelve teams of quizzers, mostly of six people each although there were one or two with five or four people only. The Question Master was Ray once again, but his son was the efficient assistant this time, verifying the scores of each round and the totals at the end of the evening. The names of the teams, in no particular order, were Hopeful Quizzers; No Hopers; Stella’s Sexy 6; Hector’s Harem; Dawson’s Creek; Starfish; Yogas; Saga Louts; Joy of Six; Fundenhall Massif; Absolute Beginners and the Mardlers.

In the end, as there was only one Wooden Spoon prize. there had to be a tie-break question as the No Hopers and the Hopeful Quizzers had equal points. The No Hopers answered it correctly and therefore saved themselves from being last. But the Hopeful Quizzers WON the Wooden Spoon which was a varied selection of sweets/chocolate bars.

The overall winner was The Mardlers team who, I think, gained 135 points; as the 6th place team had 129 points, it just shows how close the competition was and how knowledgeable the teams were. The winning team of six won a case of 6 bottles of wine. Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves and the profits of the evening from the ticket sales and raffle, and after the cost of the fish and chips have been deducted, will go to Village Hall funds. The Question Master Ray, held a quick hat collection for his chosen 2014 charity and over £60 was raised for East Anglian Children’s Hospices.


The valuation day held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 17 May 2014 by T W Gaze, Auctioneers, welcomed some 56 people and raised just over £300 for Village Hall funds, registered charity number 303891.

QUIZ and CHIPS held at Ashwellthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 18 January 2014

Another very successful and enjoyable Quiz and Chips evening was held at the Village Hall on Saturday 18 January 2014 with 14 quiz teams each made up of 5 or 6 quizzers; at least two further teams had to be turned away because it was a Full House! Although there was probably anxiety or calmness, doubt or confidence amongst the quizzers as the 100 questions were posed by Ray, there was great competition but no rancour between the teams and, above all,  everyone thought it was FUN. A very good range of subjects and music stirred the memories of old and young to varying degrees of correctness. Thanks to Ray and to  Sue for organising and marking the questions.

And the Fish (sausage or vegge burger) and Chips weren’t bad either!

The winning team was Stile Counsel with 151 points winning  a case of 6 bottles of wine – team members were Nik and Debbie, Jacquie and Ian, Roy and Rita. In second place came the After 8 team with 147 points  followed in third place by the 3 plus 2 team who scored 143. Other teams (and apologies if the team name is not quite right) were: Up Dawson’s Creek, Generation Gap, Hull …..?, Absolute Beginners; Fantail plus 1; Hopeful Quizzers; Fundenhall Massifs; Not Quite over the Hill; Not Quite There; Lost the Plot and New Blood.

News of the final amount raised for Village Hall funds will be posted later.