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Below are Actions which have happened as a response to the Plan


Notes of a Meeting on Wednesday 31 January 2007

1. This was the second meeting of the various Action Groups formed at the meeting on 24 October 2006 to carry forward some aspects of the Parish Plan. The Coordination Group’s purpose is to report progress on the various fronts and co-ordinate future plans. Present were Laurette Cowan, Lynn Packer, Jennifer Robbie, Gordon Robbie, Hedley Smith, Jane Wareham, Marie Weiner and Sid Weiner.


2. Communications

2.1 Sid Weiner had produced an A5 flyer to publicise the Parish Website in general and the Young People’s Page in particular. He had been in touch with Wreningham School who were happy to distribute the flyers to all the pupils, but he still had to contact the school bus company. Jennifer Robbie had approached Wymondham High School about the flyers and was awaiting their response. Contributions from youngsters were being encouraged but would be subject to normal editing before publication on the Website.

2.2 Compared with other villages which had been on the same introductory course, Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall had made considerably more progress and mounted much more material. Site statistics to date showed 160 visits from 110 individuals since going on air in December. Sid Weiner, in response to a question, said the Group would happily mount material for the Bramble Bears if they provided the information. Gordon Robbie emphasised that, although the Group had put up a lot of information which they already had, they would be very pleased to publish material covering other groups and activities if those involved could supply the details.

2.3 Gordon Robbie mentioned the Wireless Access points provided under the Norfolk Open Link scheme in Norwich and South Norfolk, and so far unsuccessful attempts to link to the Access Point on Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate. He wondered if it would be possible to obtain an Access point at the Village Hall to serve the centre of the village. Sid Weiner, as the new Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, undertook to make enquiries.

2.4 Hedley Smith had obtained some old photos of the village and villagers for possible inclusion on the Website, but some caution was urged about providing free access to them if there was a possibility they could be used, perhaps on a home-produced CD, for any local fund-raising.


3. Play Area

3.1 A probable young parent volunteer presented apologies in person and expressed support  but was unable to remain at the meeting since she was unwell.

3.2 Poor weather had prevented a site meeting at Knyvett Green with South Norfolk District Council. The Parish Council had yet to reach a decision on the offer for them to acquire title to the land from SNDC. If they accepted the offer, then the Parish could improve and update the play equipment and arrange site maintenance to suit itself. The down side would be that all costs, apart from any grants which might be available, would have to be met from the Parish Council precept and local fund-raising. If SNDC continued in ownership, then it would be responsible for provision of updated play equipment, insurance and maintenance, but the down side would be that they had some 40 other sites to look after, which constrained how far they were willing and able to meet local needs.

3.3 Lynn Packer and Marie Weiner thought most use of the Green was currently by older children for football, though there was some use of the other equipment, although it was outdated and not very attractive. A seat or a picnic table could attract use by younger children with accompanying parents. Concern was expressed that the grass was not cut often enough, and that the hedge had been crudely flailed, with cuttings, including brambles, left lying in the play area.

3.4 Hedley Smith confirmed that, as far as he knew, the Green was a designated open space and would not be built on. It was agreed that the Play Area Group should mark time until the Parish Council had made a decision on the ownership question, since it was unclear what would fall to local voluntary action until that was settled. They would maintain contacts with SNDC meantime, however, to sound out future possibilities. Response to the Questionnaire in the latest Mardle (only 2 forms returned) had been disappointing, and the Group might try to encourage further support by mounting a participative event of some sort.


4. Gardening Club

4.1 There had been no response to the entry in the recent Mardle. Research among other local gardening clubs had shown them to be larger and more formally organised than was intended for Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall. Given these circumstances, Laurette Cowan and Jane Wareham advised that they would not be pursuing the project further. Hopefully someone else might seek to revive the idea at a later point in time.


5. Road Safety

5.1 Gordon Robbie said he was intending to run a small traffic survey in the Street as soon as the weather was kind enough to enable him to sit out all day (hopefully 08.00 to 18.00) at New Road corner. The survey would cover a 7-day Monday through Sunday sample, and would be broken down by vehicle type and direction of travel. He felt that basic factual information on traffic in the Parish was a necessary precursor to considering any road safety questions – and that, in any case, he would enjoy doing it.


6. Next Meeting

6.1 A date would be advised at such time as there was new information to discuss.

Gordon G Robbie
2 February 2007




CO-ordination GROUP


Notes of a Meeting on Wednesday 29 November 2006


1. This was the first meeting of the various Action Groups formed at the meeting on 24 October 2006 to carry forward some aspects of the parish Plan. The Coordination Group’s purpose is to report progress on the various fronts and co-ordinate future plans. There were 9 people present.


2. Play Area

2.1 This Group had designed an insert (passed round for the Group to see) for the December Mardle to publicise the need to improve and extend the Knyvett Green play area and to seek ideas and support. A separate article enlarging on the Group’s intentions would also be supplied for inclusion in the Mardle. They had also found out that funding under the “Breathing Spaces” project was available for a Nature Area provided that the Group could claim some funding of their own and a bank account. Given the assurance that the Parish Council could act in this regard, an application will now be made. Members of the Group were to attend a Play Strategy Visioning Day organised by South Norfolk DC.

2.2 It was confirmed that the Parish Council owned the currently installed play equipment, carried appropriate insurance cover, and were responsible for Health & Safety aspects. South Norfolk DC currently owned the land and had made an offer some months ago to take over and maintain the equipment, but had yet to reply to a request for more details from the Parish Council. On the other hand, it might be possible for the Parish Council to acquire title to the land.

2.3 Various possible ideas for a revised play area were discussed. These included seats, possibly in weather- and vandal-proof recycled plastic and possibly sponsored by e.g. Waitrose; a barbecue area to be used on public occasions; and a skateboard facility.

2.4 In the meantime the Group needed some funding for basic essentials such as paper and ink cartridges, etc. The Parish Council were not necessarily in a position to support any or all of the Groups in this respect, and enquiries would be made to see if South Norfolk DC could offer any assistance.


3. Communications

3.1 The Communications Group had trialled a number of possible hosts for a parish website and had settled on a facility offered by Project Involve, a scheme backed by, among others, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the East of England Regional Assembly and Norfolk County Council. This was a free service to Parish Councils to enable them to run a website without having a great deal of technical knowledge and to offer information, photos, documents, surveys and forums to their parishioners.

3.2 Two members of the Group had gone on a short training session and already had a trial site on line. The Parish Council had given their support to the project at their last meeting, and arrangements were now being made with the Project Involve organisers to go fully on line. The Group had worked out an initial page list and would be meeting at a member’s house on 13 December to familiarise themselves with the site’s workings and to lick the contents into shape. The plan was to announce the web site to the Parish in the December Mardle and to provide full details of how to access it. The Mardle would continue be printed and distributed periodically but the Parish website would provide a means of conveying information and reporting events as they arose, and it was hoped to have a wide range of input as well as Parish Council matters.

3.3 The possibility of mounting the Parish Plan on the web site would be explored, the first step being to find out if an electronic version was available; and the web site would also be available to other Action Plan Groups to publicise their ideas and activities. Since questions were often asked about Parish Council matters, the Parish Council chairman agreed that his email address could be offered as a contact point on a page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). A Young People’s page would attempt to get support from and meet the interests of teenagers. Opinion was divided on the question of offering a Blog page. There were a lot of possibilities whose future inclusion would depend on the initial interest and reaction of the Parishioners.

3.4 The Group had concentrated its efforts on developing the web site and had yet to consider other aspects, such as notice boards. The Parish Council had yet to make a decision on sites for additional boards.


4. Traffic Calming

4.1 Although this topic had first been raised as traffic calming, it was felt that Road Safety would be a more appropriate banner. Under this heading, there would be an item in the December Mardle asking any interested parties to come forward to offer help and suggestions.

4.2 Obvious areas of concern were the width and condition of the pavement along The Street, and the speed and volume of traffic. There were concerns about the Highway Authority’s slowness of response to matters raised, and the alleged lack of funds to carry out particular tasks.


5. Gardening Club

5.1 There will be an item in the December Mardle asking interested parties to make contact with the group, with a view to a first meeting in autumn 2007. Numbers would dictate whether meetings would be at members’ houses (the preferred option) or in the Village Hall. Contacts could be made with and lessons learned from other similar clubs in nearby villages.


6. Next Meeting

6.1 It was agreed that the next meeting of the Co-ordination Group would be held on Wednesday 31 January 2007 at 19.45 in the Village hall.


Gordon G Robbie
1 December 2006


Knyvett Green Play Area Sub Committee


We are looking toi improve facilities and make more use of the Knyvett Green Play Area.

We would like to invite you to get involved and contact us with suggestions for installing more equipment and organising fund raising events to pay for the extra equipment needed.

Also, suggestions for family events which  could be held to involve the communities of Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall are invited – all ideas will be considered.

Please either use the reply form in the Mardle or reply to

Lin Packer 50 Knyvett Green   01508 489310

Marie Weiner ( Knyvett Green 01508  481938

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